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Motivational Interviewing training for agencies

Two day course

Service provision can sometimes be driven by what services think needs to happen, rather than recognising and understanding what helps people find their way to making changes for themselves. William Miller and Stephen Rollnick developed Motivational Interviewing in the 1980s in response to observing that many people were being turned away from drug and alcohol services because they weren’t ‘ready to change’. They wanted to make services work for people, developing this approach which seeks to respect and understand people, and help them in make changes they choose by supporting their motivations and strengths. MI has since been used to work in effectively in a wide range of settings.

  • It isn’t a set of techniques, or a theory, but rather a way of being that utilises theories and techniques in accessible and transparent ways.

  • It doesn’t demand that a practitioner has a background of pre-existing skills and education, but it does require them to be able to set aside their own views and judgements, and to be able to listen and understand others.


The trainer


Jennie Geddes has been practising MI in various working roles since 1994, working with homeless young people, people with severe and enduring mental health issues, people using drugs and alcohol, people living with HIV, street sex working women, and refugees. She has been delivering training in Motivational Interviewing to agencies in these sectors since 2000.


This training is delivered over two days, to allow for time and space to gain an understanding and to feel how to apply this in practice. The training is delivered using Motivational Interviewing as an approach, and draws on participants’ existing skills, knowledge and experiences, rather than being ‘taught’. There is an emphasis on discussion and experiential learning in safe small groups, with examples, case studies and videos based on each agency's background and mission.

Cost: £900, plus travel / accommodation costs (cheapest always sought) for registered charities / volunteers

£1100 plus travel  / accommodation for statutory and business organisations

One day refresher courses by negotiation, group and individual supervision, see my page on supervision sessions

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